Trade Reporting made Simple & Cost Effective

In collaboration with its technology partners, Cleartrust built a state-of-the-art regulatory reporting platform to cater for the needs of investment firms and other market participants who are constantly challenged by the complex nature and exorbitant costs of their regulatory reporting obligations amid a changing and challenging regulatory environment.

Cleartrust platform was built from the ground up to provide Cost Effective Reporting solutions for MiFIR/MiFID and EMIR with 3-way reconciliation, response handling, automatic submissions, and field-by-field editing.


Our MiFID II / MiFIR reporting service enables our clients to remain compliant with their transactions and post-trade reporting obligations as required by MiFIR regulation (Art. 26 and 14-23 respectively).

Our EMIR Reporting Service is designed to simplify the delegated reporting within the framework of EMIR Regulations, ensuring that all Traded Derivatives are accurately reported to the chosen Trade Repository in full compliance with Data reconciliation, mapping, enrichment and validation.

Through our platform, we automatically connect with:

  • Approved Reporting Mechanisms (ARMs)
  • Trade Repositories (TRs)
  • National Competent Authorities (NCAs)

Cleartrust Approach

By delegating your regulatory reporting to Cleartrust, we will ensure that you achieve:

  • A reduced financial cost burden for your regulatory reporting obligations
  • Optimized human resource allocation at your firm

  • Hassle free and mitigated regulatory reporting compliance risk with timely report submission
  • An empowered compliance team with up-to-date knowledge on regulatory reporting matters
  • A focus on your core activities and better understanding of your trade reporting obligations

  • To be ahead of the curve by staying up to date with future regulatory changes

Solution Benefits

  • Cost effective regulatory reporting solution with the lowest fees per transaction / trade in the market and minimum monthly fee
  • Reporting for all Asset Classes across multiple Jurisdictions in one single Platform
  • Fully automated service with end-to-end solution
  • State of the art platform built with future regulatory changes and updates in mind
  • Best in class client service with around the clock answers to client queries

Key Features

Here are some key features to expect from our team and services, in order to provide the best results for your business.

Automatic Reconciliation

We will perform automatic reconciliation on all your trade data in real time, ensuring data accuracy and consistency.


We will enrich your trade data by Leveraging our access to an extensive market and reference data stores which take data from over 250 global trading venues.


We will guide you through every step of the migration process in case you switch from another provider, making sure the switching process is quick and seamless.

No disruption

We will ensure no disruption to your reporting obligation in case you switch to Cleartrust from other transaction reporting solutions.

Continuity of data

We will import your historic transaction reporting files to ensure you have continuity of data and a proper audit trail.


We will back test your trade
data to ensure retroactive compliance.

Work Flow

From the Data upload through an automated process to final report submission, we outline below the key steps the reporting Workflow that is implemented on our Platform.


Trade Data Upload

Our Client trade data is automatically uploaded to our Servers every day via sFTP site. Our team of data specialists will help you in the setup process.


Trade Data Enrichment

We will then automatically enrich our client’s trade data with market data from Refinitiv and Bloomberg Market Data Feeds.


Trade Data Validation

We will automatically validate your Trade Data before sending it to the relevant regulator. This will let us make any needed changes before publishing.


Trade Report Publication

The Appropriate transaction reports will be generated and automatically sent to the relevant ARM, TR or NCA.


RTS 22 Reconciliation

If there are any issues with the published transaction reports, the relevant regulator will issue a response file for our review.


Addressing Reporting Issues

Any Issues raised by the relevant NCA will be flagged in our platform where they can be addressed by a member of our compliance team. Steps 4-6 will repeat until the NCA is satisfied.

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